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Part 4 Sample Screencasts


We have had a number of people who are interested in seeing examples of the screencasts / videos that can be found on our Part 4 Review website. While we can't give you access to all of them (there are more than 25 - 30 hours of screencasts!), we can show you a few samples here. Also, in addition to screencasts there is a lot more information: practice tests, study packets, photos, etc.! There's more goodies once you enroll!


I plan to post more freebies soon, so check back again later!


Here is a short explanation on the Part 4 format:



Here is a screencast explaining the Score Analysis page. So if you want to understand how they grade, this will give you a perspective. More importantly,  This is a "MUST WATCH!!" screencast if you have taken the exam and failed. This will  explain what all those "x's" are on your results....and where all those points went!



This is a Post-Part interview that I did with Dr. David Tran. He gives a great perspective to the test:


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