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Part 2 & 3 Online!™


Professional Licensing Consultants, Inc. has converted our entire Live Review into a Online format!

  • Now you can can get all information, content AND strategies without the expense or hassle having to take a live review!
  • Now you can get our renowned programs with 24/7 access! Prepare for your exam at your convenience!


About our Part 2 & 3 Online!™ program

We have conducted Review for more exams than anyone. With our Part 2 & 3 Online!™ Review, you will receive:

•over 35 hours of instruction in the form of screencasts

•large pool of National Board-style questions

•a conceptual understanding of the information

•You can also get our STUDY Manuals (click here to download a sample) designed specifically for Part 2 and Part 3

•visually stimulating, digital presentations

•practice tests

•strategies and insight into how to take the exam


To register for our Part 2 & 3 Online! Review,  go here. Once you are registered we will send a link so you can access the site. If you order the course Manuals, we will send them as soon as we can.


While you are waiting for me to authorize your account, or if you are still undecided, watch this  video which is the introduction to the Review:


***Our Manuals for our Reviews are now available for purchase!***

You can now purchase our Part 2/3 Manual and our Part 2 Supplemental Manual. The manuals are written specifically for the National Boards. To order the printed versions, go to our store.


NEW! The iPad versions are now available on the iTunes Store!

Go here for the Part 2/3 Manual. This contains material important to Part 2 AND 3.

And here for the Part 2 Manual. This Manual is specific to the Part 2 Boards.



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