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Florida Laws and Rules


Are you preparing to take the Laws & Rules test for Florida? Are you confused or intimidated about what will be asked and how to study?


This information is based on our experience of having taught Reviews for every Florida Chiropractic Board since the early 1980’s up until  December 2010 (when we decided we would no longer be teaching a review for the Exam). The information includes questions as of November 2014.


Access to this site will give you the

•Florida Law PDF, a packet of the relevant highlighted sections of the Florida Laws

•3 podcasts discussing: Chapter 456, Chapter 460 and Chapter 64B.

•A PDF of sample Florida Law questions and answers.


This information will help to simplify your study of this rather boring and tedious subject, but it will still take 5 to 7 hours to complete and learn.


To purchase access ($40) go to our store.

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