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Whether you are a Chiropractic student hoping to pass the National Boards on your first try, or a D.C., Professional Licensing Consultants, Inc. offers the finest Online Board Reviews available. We have over 35 years of experience conducting National Board Reviews and exam preparation for State Boards.


We have Online Reviews for the

For the schedule of upcoming exams, go here. Updated 7/13/17.


Check out our new BareBones for Boards™ , our signature online Review for Part 4 , designed for the person who can't afford to take a live Review, but also can't afford to fail!


Here is our new BareBones for Boards™ video!


Just looking for material to study for your Boards?

***Our Manuals for our Reviews are now available for purchase!***

You can now purchase our Manuals for Part 2, Part 2 & 3 and Part 4.

The manuals are written specifically for the National Boards and are revised and updated for each exam. To order the printed versions, go to our store.


NEW! The iPad versions are now available on the iTunes Store!

Part 2&3 Manual. This contains material important to Part 2 AND 3.

Part 2 Manual. This Manual is specific to the Part 2 Boards.

Click here for our Part 4 Manual.



Check out our Part 4 blog. This is an ongoing discussion of Part 4 of the National Boards including tips, hints and recommendations. This is an open forum for anyone to post any questions, discuss and share their experience with the exam. The latest post ("Will it make a difference where I take the test?") addresses the myth that there are certain exam sites that you want to avoid.



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Can't afford the time or money for a Review for Part 4? Check out BareBones for Boards™!

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